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Leadership Training and
Team Building workshops

Leadership Workshop

What will make your team follow you alongside a cliff, blindfolded? Learn from techniques and proven experience of the elite units of the  Israeli Defense Forces. Looking to groom and hone the skills of the next level of management and leadership in your organization? We will design a tailor made leadership training program which includes an outdoor and inward bound journey, connecting your leaders to their inner forces.

These leaders will emerge better equipped with a

 "can do" attitude to improve their team's performance.


Glenn and Orit led us through a leadership training program with our global sales managers. Time and again, they confronted and overcame their fears, whether practising emotional skills via a "listening circle" in a natural cave, or coping with their fear of heights. I see a clear correlation between this and our improved sales figures.

Moshe Shtengel, V.P. Global Sales, Tuttnauer 

Team Building  Workshop

How does the Mossad and Israel's special forces achieve peak performance as a team?

After 30 years of fieldwork and training of these teams, Glenn Cohen will share the E.L.I.T.E. method  with your team. 

Glenn and his team of skilled facilitators will lead you through a unique process which will include accelerated learning due to a stimulating encounter with nature. Pushing out of your comfort zone, physically, emotionally and mentally, connecting to nature, yourself and others in an authentic manner, will lead to a transformative process enhancing group cohesion, and translate into the corporate results you wish to achieve. 


I want to thank Glenn and Orit for the amazing workshop.  We acheived  great success in all of our goals and an emotional response from the team. It is a huge challenge taking people out of their comfort zone in a proper way while getting them to open up and connect to one another. I think this is where Glenn's and Orit's passion and experience meet. 

Benjy Singer, Director of WeWork Israel

Resilience Workshop

How can you improve your peoples coping abilities and prepare them for the challenges of a dynamic, stressful work environment?

Resilience has always been a crucial component of the military and security forces, recently adopted by the corporate world. Organizations with foresight will prepare and equip their employees with the necessary tools to mitigate stress. The tailor made workshop  provides practical tools for individual and team resilience, reducing work fatigue and burnout.  

Screenshot (1).png

When they told us we were doing a resilience workshop with a psychologist I was sceptical. 

Now that I've experienced it I can say that Glenn is a kick ass special forces psychologist. Every team should meet him in order to discover their superpowers as well.

Yosi Avraham, YAMAM (S.W.A.T.) Squad leader

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