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Meet the Mossad

There are only a handful of Mossad officers who've received clearance to share their stories.

Glenn Cohen, "The Iceman", has finally come in from the cold, after 30 years of being at the epicenter

of many pivotal events in the field and as chief psychologist in the Mossad.


You can meet Glenn in three different settings:

1. Lecture: "Behind the scenes of the Mossad"

2. Spy training: "Mossad Bootcamp"

3. Home hospitality with a spymaster

Lecture: Behind the scenes of the Mossad

What is the "right stuff" for Israel's most elite intelligence units? How do they achieve peak performance and how can we apply this in our lives? This lecture offers a peek behind the scenes and sparks your imagination.  After 30 years in the field and as head of special forces psychology in the Mossad, Glenn Cohen has cracked the code and pioneered the "E.L.I.T.E." model which details the core elements which enable leaders and teams to perform like an elite unit.

In this intriguing lecture Glenn shares from his unique experience, reveals what makes the elite operatives tick, how they achieve the seemingly impossible, and how you can too.


"This completely blew me away because I had no idea that someone could be at the epicenter of so many pivotal evnts and in so many different roles."

Marti Cohen, United Synagogue, Hoboken New Jersey 

Mossad Bootcamp

Do you have the right stuff to become a secret agent? Our experts will give you the chance.

We will take you behind the scenes of the Israeli Mossad, where the reality exceeds the imagination. During this workshop you and your group members will execute missions in the urban environment of Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, similar to real missions that Mossad agents perform. In order to succeed you will venture outside of your comfort zone, interact with innocent (or not so innocent) people, cope with uncertainty,  think out of the box and discover that you are capable of much more than you imagine!

This workshop is tailor made and led by Glenn Cohen, former Mossad officer and chief psychologist.


"Glenn, thanks so much for creating such an amazing spy experience for our family. You pushed us out of our comfort zones in such a fun way while getting us to work as a team. It's been a few years since the workshop, but we still see how our children have widened their comfort zones as a result of your workshop, and this will be remembered as one of the few family vacations that have longer term positive impacts on our lives."


Kraig Fox, Los Angeles California




"The opportunity to meet with you, Glenn, personified exactly what I wanted to show my family. Your personal story, your commitment to the State of Israel, your service, and more so the value system that you represent and how you were able to combine service and missions and a high moral purpose were just overwhelmingly clear.

The main excitement was experienced by my grandson and frankly even though I’m an old guy, I have to tell you that I felt a similar excitement during the spy training.

We so much enjoyed meeting you, learning about you, learning about the Mossad, and I have to say it was my personal highlight of the entire trip."

Paul S.D. Berg, Ph.D.

Home hospitality with a spymaster

Interested in hearing about the spymasters world, as well as meeting him in his home?

You are most welcome to our home in Kfar Uriya, a hidden pearl, just 30 minutes from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. We would love to have your group or family join us at our Shabbat table or midweek for a meal or dessert. 

On Friday, we can start with Kabalat Shabbat , with a spectacular sunset, over the stunning Sorek Valley.

We will continue to a country-style meal, with traditional songs and blessings with our family.

After getting to know each other at the table, we will continue with an exclusive talk by Glenn Cohen, sharing from behind the scenes of the Mossad and the hostage situation in Gaza.

Depending on your schedule, weekday hospitality is also an option for a more intimate meeting with Glenn over lunch or dinner in the cozy setting of his home in the hills.

Our home hospitality is avalilable during the week as well:)

ארוח ביתי 2.jpg

"The highlight of course would for me be the Sabbath meal with Glenn Cohen and family, that really added so much value to the program." 

Sidarthan Dominic

YPO , Carela, India

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