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"From Captivity to Resilience"

Behind the scenes lecture with an October 7th Hostage Negotiator

On October 7th, Glenn was mobilized to serve for over 100 days in emergency reserve duty in the IDF Hostage Negotiation Unit, and was appointed to be the first mental health professional to debrief the hostages upon their return. He is currently leading the team that debriefed 112 returned hostages and is preparing for the return of the remaining captives.

Glenn will share an exclusive perspective of the high  stakes negotiations, what the hostages have endured as well as their coping mechanisms which are an inspiration for us all.

After granting a private briefing to the President and Prime Minister of Israel, you too can hear Glenn's unique perspective.

In this talk, he will not only shares the stories of the 112 returned hostages , but  also take you behind the scenes as a Mossad psychologist, I.D.F. hostage negotiator, and POW expert, sharing  from his personal and professional experience in POW survival training and combat trauma treatment. You will hear about his first hand involvement in the search for downed IDF airman Ron Arad,  and  his meeting with Gilad Shalit upon  return from 5 years of captivity in the hands of the Hamas.

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"Glenn Cohen’s 'Captivity to Resilience' lecture is a rare personal account of one of Israel’s most intimate and behind the scenes story. Glenn’s warm, personal, and professional account with the released hostages is a must for anyone who wants to learn about this unprecedented historic event."


Binny Shalev, Israel Director, The Russell Berrie Foundation


"I left Glenn Cohen's presentation 'From Captivity to Resilience' moved and inspired. I was not surprised to hear in the summary that he was the best speaker that we heard on our four day solidarity mission."

Ross Singer, Tour Guide

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